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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

White Pumpkin Patch is this weeks HIGHLIGHT SPECIAL

This weeks HIGHLIGHT SPECIAL is "White Pumpkin Patch". I designed this in 2006. I love some primitive ( not all ) but some. Some is just to dirty looking for me, but I do love the coffee dyed and tea stained look. So this was my attempt at a bit prim. I stained my fabric so you could see the pumpkins better and made it a bit dirty. I am also into vinegar staining wood and stained this frame myself.  This is about the time I started thinking about making designs that could be easily framed without losing an arm and a leg.  I made this design so if stitched on 32ct linen or 16ct Aida it would fit great in a 4 x 6 frame. Always thinking of you :) (and me too)
You can find this chart for the special of $5.00 instead of the regular $7.00. This week only on Etsy. 

I did have another special for the month of September on Etsy that for every customer I would email the PDF chart for "Autumn Fleur" and 2 pieces of fabric that I dyed myself. This was as long as my dyed fabric supply lasted. Well it is gone :( I had so many orders :)
But I will still send the PDF chart free to any Etsy customer for the month of September.

While you are there check out my USED Book Sale .

Wool Crazy Blue Bird of Happiness

Embellish packs available on Etsy

I have a new kit that is available. Wool crazy "Blue Bird Of Happiness"
I had my "Birds Of A funky Feather #10" printed onto Kona cotton. 
I have the embellishment kit available with the layout for this little pin pillow. You could make this into anything like a pillow, book cover, pocket, and so much more. The embellishment pack comes with, 1 crocheted pansy, 1 crocheted green fan, 10 pre-cut wool leaves, safety pin with beads, a pack of yellow beads for the branch areas, and printed  fabric with blue bird in a nest. 
When finished it should measure 8 1/2 by 5 1/2. 
The embellishment pack is mailed to you and the layout along with general directions and photos will be emailed as a PDF. These are general directions and no stitch directions are given or finishing. Use your imagination :)
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