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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Section #3 flying in tomorrow evening very late :)

A little pun on words :). Yes section #3 of the "Serenity Harbor Sampler" will be sent out Monday night very late so you will have them by the 3rd. This section has the 3 seaside birds flying in for a visit :)

Here is a delivery I received last week. The delivery person left it in the snow and never knocked on the door to tell us it was there, we were home and it was a good thing we just happened to look outside.
It is a very large box with 1400 pieces of cardboard.....what could this be for?? maybe I am starting to gather things for that special kit for the end of the year :)

I have been very stitching lately.....for tomorrow evening I volunteered to make kits and teach 12 ladies from a local church some wool applique and make eye glass I have been busy making a pattern, gathering up wool, needles, threads, and samples. Should be fun, a quite relaxing time with the girls :)

I also have another "Stitch An Inch Spring Orni" chart that I worked on. Here are the samples I made.....I stitched some over 1 and others over 2, but it is the finishing that will really make them different. So that is my project to work on and should be ready by the end of the week to share photos with you.

I did finish the other square design that I shared a bit ago but I just need to make the directions on how to finish and then I will share that too. So I have busy hands working away.
More to share soon
Have a good day or night (depending on were you live)


  1. Looking so sweet x

  2. Lovely stitching Donna :) I've been stitching away at Parts 1 and 2 (late start as my fabric was stuck in the mail!) but am just about ready for 3.....probably the end of this week :)

  3. Just love the peeks of Easter, Donna !
    Enjoy your busy week.

  4. ooo - Stitch an Inch Ornie - can hardly wait!!!

  5. love the little one over bunny and vase! Thanks for the photos

  6. Love those Stitch an Inch ornaments! They are so cute!!


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