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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stitch An Inch Spring Orni Day #6

Stitch An Inch Spring Orni
This little pillow was made with no particular size in mind. I placed my fabric on the table with  the cross stitched piece... I moved it around until I found a spot that was just right :)
I stitched it in place with a whipped stitch and then embellished the fabric design images with stitching.........using stem stitches, french knots, and lazy daisy stitches.........added some buttons....then stitched a piece of backing fabric (I always use a piece of my edges will not  fray)..........turned the right side out and stuffed with fiberfill....but walnut shells would be a great idea too. 
I did the cross stitching on 28ct natural linen over 2 with 3 strands of thread. 
So these Stitch An Inches are really 2 inches.
More tomorrow !!


  1. Adorable finish!

  2. One more beautiful pillow! I love them all !!
    Greetings Marion

  3. Hi :) it happened quite by chance to arrive in your blog... your works are precious little masterpieces! Wowww :)

  4. You have a special talent for choosing colors and the fabric it's perfect. I find it very adorable like the rabbitt. Thank you!

  5. I love this sweet design. Perfect for Easter !

  6. Love the chick!!

  7. oh this brings such joy to my spring day


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