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Friday, May 22, 2015

Peek at a new design

I wanted to post earlier but hubby has not been well.........3 days of doctor appointments and more antibiotics.....so I have finally found a bit of time to share a picture with you of a new design.......
no name yet...........I love crewel embroidery and I believe there are so many people that stitch and are doing cross stitch so I have decided to take a drawing that I did years ago while it was nap time at the day care center I was working at.......those sleeping babies :)............I took the drawing and enlarged it.......traced over and then scanned it in the program and went over all of the stitches because there were so many shades of grey - black..........pulled threads and then added all of these to the design and tweaked it as I went..........this is my result............

still stitching away at doctor appointments and late in the evening......but I am liking it..............I will share more as time goes on......hopefully I will get it finished this weekend........I would like to also make it as a crewel, embroidery, and or punch needle design........still thinking.....What do you think? 
Have a good night.....until next time......donna


  1. Lovely! I want it in cross stitch! I don't do crewel so well, tend to pull everything too tight. Can't crochet for that reason. My "crocheting" friend has given up on me! Can't wait for thid one!

  2. Beautiful !! I think it would be great as a crewel to.

  3. lovely new design - I'd like to try crewel since I love working with wool. It would also be a beautiful design in rug hooking. I don't punch but I do hook. could open up a whole market for you among the rug hookers eh?? think about it - enjoy the holiday weekend - Mel

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I would love to cross stitch this. I'm sure they are going to be lots votes on all 4: crewel, embroidery, cross stitch & punch needle. Maybe a mix of the first 3 and separate one for punch needle?
    Best of luck! love Annette

  5. Kleary51@yahoo.com10:21 AM

    Dont know if someone already posted this idea I was thinking of punchneedle


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