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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

A photo share from Barbara of Serenity Harbor

I have a photo to share from Barbara, she wasn't able to share it herself on the blog so I am doing it for her :)
She decided to change the bird as it was to light on the fabric and searched through her stash for other colors and found a variegated blue and used it. She tore out all of the vine and leaf colors as they looked to golden and brown on her grey fabric. They are darker, don't pop as much, but at least they go better with her red roses. She is doing this over one on 32ct . She has done a lot of frogging as she has changed colors but is very happy with it so far!!
Looks beautiful
and thank you Barbara for sharing


  1. It is so beautiful.. :>

  2. Beautiful stitching.
    Bravissima Barbara.

  3. How beautiful !
    I love the tree by the lighthouse.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful! I like the way the variegated blues make it look like the water is swirling around.

  5. Thank you for the share! Gave me some great ideas as my cloud and bird aren't showing up the way I wanted them to!

  6. I like water rides too. As always in your works the colors are amazing. I would like to be there to enjoy that place.

  7. So persistant! Think i would have given up.
    Beautiful work!


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