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Sunday, August 17, 2008

My first penny rug table top

i thought i would share my first penny rug.
the color in the photo is off, i finished it yesterday and i love it.
i made it to fit an antique table that i had and i wanted the tongues to hang down so i put buttons on them. it was fun but i didn't do good at matching all the tongues, so in the back there are a couple that overlap. you can't see it, just me. on my next one i will have to work on that.

it's such a beautifil day, it seems everyone is out but me. i'm here blogging and reading my magazine. church was good this morning,
we had Tim Janis with his musicians and singers. it was inspiring.

maybe i can go church some day without shedding a tear but maybe thats the day i'm not paying attention. the older i become the more emotional i am.

talk to you again soon


  1. Nothing wrong with shedding tears. Your penny rug table topper is so pretty. I was totally unproductive today!

  2. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Great table topper! And I cry all the time at church ;)

  3. I cry the minute I enter church until I leave. I am a wreck!

  4. Your penny rug turned out lovely! And I know what you mean about getting older and becoming more emotional.

  5. Oh, I do so love penny rugs and isn't this just the sweetest! Very pretty!
    I cry in church all the time too ;o) I get embarassed usually about it, and try to hide it when in fact it makes me feel people notice it more...but a certain Hymn or an outstanding sermon...just touches my heart.


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