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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Free Chart "Lend A Hand"

I was looking in my software program at some things that I haven't done anything with. I would like to give this chart to you free. Make it for a cause or for a friend that has given you a helping hand. Maybe even for that someone that is always helping out. I haven't stitched it yet so you need to choose your own colors. Maybe a pink heart for breast cancer awareness,or change the flesh tone. Please make it your own or special for someone else. Make it for your children's room to remind them that they should at least lend a hand once a day. Maybe you could put it someones lunch box, and have it mean that they have to do a good deed in school,come home, and share what they've done. Be creative for a helping hand, pass it on or pay it forward.
This is a free chart for you to stitch, not for commercial use.
Have a great week
Love Donna
I believe you have to save the image to your pictures and then print from your file.


  1. Very nice idea:) Thanks for sharing it Donna!

  2. That's a versatile and pretty chart! Thanks Donna. :)

  3. Thanks Donna, it's cute : )


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