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Saturday, June 02, 2012


The email address that I just made for the stitch a long has been hacked into. I can not even get into it so I wait :(  Sorry


  1. May I suggest using a gmail account. It's much more secure. I have never heard of one of those accounts being hacked.

  2. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Hi Donna,

    Passing along an article link to you, it might help! My yahoo email was hacked a few months back, I managed to fix it with the help of this article, but anyway, I moved to gmail.


    Hope this helps!

    ps. maybe you shouldn't publish this as the hacker might get some tips!

    best, Tracy

  3. Not good news!!!!

    Hope you get it all sorted out. Just remember to take a deep breath and shake it out. You'll figure it out.

    BTW, thanks for the great chart...I worked on it a bit last night and now have to wait till the stores open on Monday to get the 5 remaining colours I need. Those 5 colours are of course integral to the first section!!!!!

  4. thanks for the suggestions :)


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