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Friday, June 01, 2012

SAL Mystery Sampler is here!!

Hi everyone, It's here.This a pic of my flower progress.
I used  french knots for DMC 3716 and a drizzle stitch for DMC 834 (These were suppose to be french knots)
I decided to fill in the background area with The Gentle Arts "Oatmeal"
I am using 2 strands of floss and randomly making cross stitches, Rhodes stitches, and some eyelets to fill in the background.
But since I filled in the background now my alphabet does not show up so I will be removing that part :(
That is my peek for you of my progress and I will be waiting for you to send me pics of yours. I will post them on our page at the top of the blog (SAL Stitching Friends) PLEASE SEND PICS TO THIS EMAIL stitchalongbtb@aol.com

So feel free to change any stitches, any colors, or fabric. This is to be special for you and if you are only comfortable with cross stitches that is just fine, this is for your enjoyment.
I have a list of some pretty awesome sites that teach you different stitches. These are on the sidebar of the blog and this is the one I used for the drizzle stitch Mary Corbet's located under her "how to videos "
Here is your chart for this week. 
Fold your fabric in half and in half again to find the center. I started from the center and worked up and to the left since this is the upper left section. 
So just click on the chart and print from your computer. 
Have fun and enjoy, don't forget to send me pictures if you want so we can share


  1. this is going to be fun,fun, and more fun lynda ruth lol

  2. Thank you so much Donna - can't wait to get stitching! I've not used drizzle stitch before so I think I'll have a go at that one!

  3. Donna this looks beautiful, and I have been looking forward to it very much! Can't wait to get started this weekend! Thanks for offering this fun project.

  4. Thank you Donna.
    This is going to be cute!

  5. I got a small start on it this morning, and it is going to be a fun stitch! Thank you!!

  6. Thank you for this SAL...can't wait to start it!!

  7. Does anyone have hints for printing the chart? I tried it, but printed all 15 pages and just a very small chart - can't see it! Then I saved to my HD and enlarged it, but it was terrible quality and very blurry. Not having any luck at all! TIA!

  8. I saved the image to hard drive, copied it into microsoft word, changed the size to 100% and printed perfectly, much larger and easier to see. Hope that helps

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