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Sign up for new SAL- Elm Shore Heights is the next release!! !!

Sign up for new SAL- Elm Shore Heights is the next release!! !!
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Funky Flower Gardeners contest & update photos

So sorry I missed tea last night but I am here this morning with my coffee. I want to share some photos of trees from last Saturdays Wool Feather Tree Class @ Camp Wool.
The tiny pine-cones are just perfect

With the tan wool it really looks primitive but in an elegant way

more trees :)
I have one more tree class planned for this Saturday and they are so much fun. I also went the other day to change the display area @ Yankee Cross Stitch and here are some photos of that too. 

This is a huge wool feather tree that Erica made last year after  class, and Marlo has some of her beautiful painted Santas for sale there also, check them out they are gorgeous.

An Announcement 
Attention Funky Flower Gardeners!!!
(win 6 free charts)
I've been asked by Just Cross Stitch magazine to supply a design for their upcoming spring floral issue. Along with the design they are printing an interview and have asked for additional design photos for their article. So, for those of you who may have completed the garden layout for the 24 Funky Flowers I am offering a contest. Email me a photo of your finished Funky Flower Garden and I will choose the Funkiest Garden to be included in the issue, and award a prize to the winning gardener of 6 free charts. Here's the catch..... I need the photos by Saturday. As the deadline is upon me. Good luck.  I will look forward to seeing your pix. email me at stitchbythebay at g mail dot com.

I will be very busy for the next couple of days stitching but I want you to check back with me on Sunday afternoon and I will post some quick directions for you on how to make these tiny wool and cork trees

And one more thing I am adding the new design "White Birch Winter" to my Etsy shop but I am trying it out as a PDF file so you can receive it quickly just like the "Wool Feather Tree " and "Wool Clip-On Bird" directions. 
We will see how it goes. They should be available later this morning.
So have a wonderful couple of days and I am off to stitch, stitch, and more stitching


  1. I am loving these wool trees!! The ladies have done an amazing job with them!
    Wish I lived closer so that I could take a class too.

  2. You have me hooked on these darling trees Donna. Lol! I just broke down and bought the pattern. Now to make some. :)
    A friend got me hooked on your patterns and I love them.


  3. Those trees are so beautiful Donna!
    Congratulations on the article about you :)


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