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Sign up for new SAL- Elm Shore Heights is the next release!! !!

Sign up for new SAL- Elm Shore Heights is the next release!! !!
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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The winner is.... and a peek at a new design coming soon

And the winner is Gracie........ Congrats to Gracie and check out her blog we all love visits :)
Thank you to all that left a message, it was nice to hear from you and thank you for the well wishes for hubby.

 I was planning an open house on Oct 18, but I have to postpone that. Many doctor appointments and to much to do. I would never be ready in time so I am sorry about that but it will happen some day, I just don't know when!

So I am going to share what has had me busy these past few days(other than the house work and usual), I decided that I had to frame "Autumn In Vermont" and didn't want to go to the store so I rummaged in the attic and found a wooden tray from the Christmas Tree Shop. The design would fit perfect so I painted it a golden color and then got out my vinegar and some brown paint and faux painted the tray, sprayed it with a varnish, pinned the design onto a thick mat board, glued it in the tray, and then added a hanger to the back.
Wish I took a picture before, it wad red with a snowman painted in the center
"Autumn In Vermont" in my tray to hang
 All ready to go to Yankee Cross Stitch to hang with the other models in my corner. Check out the shop if you are in the area as I am bringing more kits tomorrow along with models. Its always nice to see the real thing finished before your eyes.   
That is not the new design but this is :) 
I have released "Primitive Holy Night" on my Etsy but thought it was missing some things. I put my thinking cap on and made more designs to go with it. 
What would the Holy Night be without the heralding angels and the sheep looking on.
So I made some small cherub that can be made as ornaments or  the Holy Night scene could be made larger by stitching these angels above the words. A little lamb looking on at a glorious sign. 
 Check back Wednesday for a peek at another of the added designs that go with this pack. There are 3 more that have been added. 
Until tomorrow, have a good night


  1. Beautiful - framing and new designs. I love stitched Nativity pieces!

  2. Congrats to Gracie x

  3. I won I won...thank you. I just emailed my info to the tray mounting. I have used that a few times. I never used vinegar with my paint, must give it a try.


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