Sunday, October 26, 2014

Winner of the GIVEAWAY... and a conversion for Mr Turkey.Valdani, Weeks Dye Works and DMC

Happy Sunday, 
I have a winner for the giveaway. It is Eva from Hungary , she is the only entry and the pumpkin is adorable. Please visit her site, follow her if you can. 
So the pumpkin head punch needle that I made is going on a far away trip to his new home. 
Thank you so much Eva. Your work made my day :)
Many of you have asked for a conversion for the Valdani threads for "Mr Turkey" punch needle. 
They were wonderful to use with nice shading and I also used Weeks Dye works for the cross stitch turkey. Many of you like DMC too so I made my own conversion for the 3 different fiber companies.
“Mister Turkey” Conversion Chart
I used Valdani 3 strand floss balls for the punch needle
 Weeks Dye for the Cross Stitch turkey 
These are my choices and they are not perfect but as close as I could choose. 
The DMC comparison should be blended or used as solids but alternating colors.
The choice is up to you. I hope this is helpful. donna.

Valdani           Weeks Dye DMC
O153 1264 Louden 831/3011
O501 4129 Swamp Water 3021/3781
O503 4121 Indian Summer 304/814
O506 2242 Cognac 921/301
O513 1236 Mocha 3863/3862
O572 3950 Chesapeake 500
P2      2197 Oscar 730/3011
P4          1107 Cattail 3033/Ecru
P12              1269 chestnut 801/938
                    1150 Spanish Moss     648/3072
I also have an announcement!!! I will be having a special design that is available on the Blog/Etsy. 
If you remember I mentioned long ago that I have been designing a 36 inch tall cross stitch scene. 
I have been working on this design for a few years. Always making changes. 
Well I finally finished it and will be offering it as a year long project. 
If you choose to participate you will be emailed a 3 inch by 11 inch section once a month to stitch. 
There will be a blog that you will be invited to publish on and share your photos.
 I still have to think of cute names and create the blog, the design is finished as a chart but of course I have not stitched it myself. We can do this project together. 
The cost will be $7.00 per month. You must sign up for the 12 months to complete this project and at the end I will be sending out to you a special  thank you kit made just for this class. 
So check back for more information and it should be fun. Plan on starting January 1st.


  1. Anonymous2:18 AM


    Thank you Donna . It was fun to stitch and finish it.

  2. Sounds exciting! Can't wait!


  3. Congrats to Eva, her pumpkin is adorable. I didn't send my picture until last evening so I see now I was too late. I enjoyed stitching Mr. Pumpkinhead, he is cute and I love his bowtie. Thanks for giving us this wonderful design, it looks great on my Halloween tree.

  4. Will this be a mystery SAL, or will we be able to see the design in advance?

  5. Great going Eva!
    Sounds like a wonderful adventure! Will we see the whole piece? And would we be able to sign up at any time or only at the start?

  6. Deb, how great to see your Mr. Pumpkinhead here and it does look great on your halloween tree.
    Congratulations Eva for your great win. I haven't been blogging so have missed so much. Donna, I will be interested in the sal I love the picture and can't wait to see what you name it.


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