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Sign up for new SAL- Rosewood Manor already released !!
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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pics of Spring Cove

Hi everyone,I finished Spring Cove. It was all that snow this weekend. Well it's still very cold here only 1 degree this morning. But it should be in the 40's by this weekend. I'm so excited. I think I have spring cleaning fever because I'm moving furniture again. I always do that. It seems to be therapeutic for me. I just need the little change of scenery. And of course I get some extra cleaning done too. I moved my kitchen table close to the window so I get alot of sunshine and a very nice place to see so I can stitch. My plants share the table and they are very happy today.
I posted these pictures to share with you. It's not framed yet. One of the pictures is with a flash and the other is natural daylight(I couldn't decide which one I liked better)And I wish I could show you the true colors because I stitched it on Star Sapphire and you can't even see that fabric color in the pictures. Sorry I tried. I'll get a better camera someday.
Off to do laundry and errands. Have a good day


  1. I just stitched some sheepies on Star Sapphire color (linen) and it is such a beautiful color, isn't it? It's going to compliment your work beautifully. Great design! The "cove" series is so nice!! Great job Donna. :)

  2. So nice and spring-y! Another beautiful design.

  3. That is gorgeous!! Congrats on your finish :)

  4. OMG what a gorgeous design!! Love, love, love this Cove series. Your birds are awesome! Ok, can't wait for Spring Cove's release!

  5. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Your finish looks really pretty.

  6. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Beautiful! I just love your cove designs. I have a few of them in the stash pile and more on the wish list!!! =) Meagan

  7. How very lovely.
    It is such an idyllic scene it just makes me want to be there!
    Wonderful designing and beautifully stitched too.


  8. I really love this one, with the beautiful birds and restful view of the water. :D

  9. Anonymous5:29 AM

    I really love your wonderful design. Eva from Germany


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