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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Peek at shipping day

Happy Wednesday,
I finished a couple of samples that I made of a bunny that I'm going to share with you. I'll post the freebie later this week. Today I'm sharing a look at my floor after cutting pictures, folding charts, gluing, and putting in envelopes. Now counting in packs of 25, tying, and getting them in box's for the trip to the Post Office. And then after a busy morning we are off to lunch. That's the real treat ( no cooking or cleaning up after). We are going to a little place called Wild Willies that has the best burgers around. Talk to you again soon, Donna


  1. A bunny freebie?! I am so excited! :)

  2. I love Wild Willies (I go to the one in Maine)! That is a good treat for all the hard work you've done!

  3. I love bunnies especially stitched over one! So when you let it out I shall stitch only the bunny over one and send it to you so you can see it. You have had such a productive day you deserved lunch out and especially a good hamburger. There is a new restaurant hamburger place here in London and I'm dying to go but we are on a budge now. I HATE budgets. I'm too old for budgets. I want, no I NEED a good hamburger. I shall have one sooner or later. Lots of Love Patti xxx

  4. Oh neat, looking forward to your bunny! Wow, a burger sounds great about now. If I ever get back to Maine I'm going to have to stop there. Enjoy!! After all that packing you certainly deserve a fun meal out!

  5. I'm finishing the winter cove.
    This looks so beautiful too!!

    thanks for all charts!!!


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