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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

"Blossom's And Bee's" is the new name

I want to thank everyone who sent in their names for the new design. I appreciate all the time you took to reply. The winner is Bonnie with the name "Blossom's And Bee's". They were all so good and creative.
It is so HOT here I cant spend to much time on the computer. So here is my design release picture and I hope you are having a cool night.


  1. I love the new Design !!! I just love anything with Bees !

  2. Blossom's and Bee's is just beautiful and looks like a fun project! Congratulations to Bonnie!

  3. A great name for your newest creation!

  4. Blossom's and Bee's
    Perfect Name :)

  5. Before you print that, I'd take out the apostrophes which are grammatically incorrect. Unless you mean something belonging to the blossoms and bees which isn't named. Not sure what that thing would be. It is a lovely piece by any name.

  6. Congratulations to Bonnie!
    A perfect name for this beautiful design.

  7. It's a great name for a great design!

  8. Thanks Anna,
    I Am grateful for you. Grammar was not my strong point in school.

  9. Love it - perfect!! Thanks and conagrats to Bonnie for a great name!

  10. How cute! I love it.

  11. Very good choice in names! Congrats to Bonnie and to YOU as well on your new release...


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