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Monday, July 05, 2010

Peek at Bumble Bee ? Contest For Name (One Day Only)

Hope You all had a great weekend and today too.

I finished the design again after fixing my bee hive. Well my surprise with this one is that I made a wool bee hive on it to be a pin cushion for a bee collection. The chart will include the pattern and the wool to make the hive.

I will be selling the bee pins on my Etsy shop. They should be ready as soon as the charts are ready to go out. No two will be alike because I draw and paint them in myself and then I shrink them.

So here is the contest. I need a name by tomorrow early before I go to work, so by 7:00am. The winner will receive a bumble bee chart with wool in the mail before they are released to stores. So get thinking and you can also post the idea to me or email it to me at

I will post the winner tomorrow before I go to work.
Good Luck

I will get a better picture when I have more natural light


  1. Oh that is lovely! I will think about a name. Hmmmm....

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    How about Busy Bees or Hum of the Bees.

  3. Anonymous10:24 AM

    What a sweet design; Honeybee Cove??
    Chris in NY


  4. Hi,
    I love to your designs very long time!
    And the name of this design perhaps "HONEY HOUSE" ? :)

    from Ukraine

  5. Anonymous11:16 AM

    I love your design.
    The first thing that came to mind was "All a buzz".
    Also thinking about how it goes with your name, I remembered a bee hive I saw at Colonial Williamsburg in one of the house gardens. There was also a huge wasp nest that was hanging from a tree near the music interpretation house when I was there. Your hanging nests reminds me of that. Perhaps something like "The Colony Hive".
    Needless to say I am leaving for vacation back to Virginia and looking forward to going back to Colonial Williamsburg on Thursday. Thanks for the contest, if I don't win I will have to get your chart anyway after the trip down memory lane.
    I know it will be a tough selection. There are a lot of good names already.

  6. How about
    "Sweet Bees of Summer" ! Just thought it sounded pretty! Beth N. (

  7. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Busy Bumble Bee is my suggestion for a name for this beautiful design. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

  8. Denise11:57 AM

    Very cute, Honeybee Tree? Or Honeybee Garden?

  9. The Buzz of The Bumblebees

  10. I love it Donna. The added texture with the wool and bees is going to be fabulous. I am not sure if you want them to be bumble bees or honey bees. I don't think bumbles live in a hive so my idea for a name is Honey of A Hive, Honey Garden, or The Bee's Garden. :o)

  11. How about The Queen's Quorum....

    Beautiful design!


  12. It's beautiful!
    My suggestion is: Honeybee Hill

  13. Wow, what a gorgeous design. My suggestion is 'Honeycomb Haven'.

  14. How about.......Just Buzzin' By


  15. Love this design and cannot wait for it....I think you should name it Bumble Bee Tree.

  16. I love your designs and this one is out of this world. I adore bee designs and as soon as I saw this I thought, it was a real - Hive of Activity - so that's my suggestion :>)
    Good luck, there are some lovely suggestions here.

  17. Hi Donna: I like Queens Comb, or Honey Time, beautiful pattern.

  18. Home Bee it Ever so Humble

  19. Well..How about Bee Mine! Or Bee Happy....Bee Satisfied...or Never Bee Alone. Ok that is all I have...hope you like one of them. Dianntha

  20. I think Humble Bumblebee Farms or Humble Bumblebee Cove!

  21. Beautiful design! My suggestion, maybe Honey Garden?


  22. Anonymous10:04 PM

    It looks like a bee party to me- so my suggestion would be "Honeybee Soiree"

  23. Oh Donna, it's gorgeous! Sorry I missed the contest deadline on this one.
    I have a friend who adores bees and I hope to get both of us copies of this one.

  24. You did a wonderful job on the bee hive. I know it is an old post but I'm happy that i looked it up.


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