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Harbor Haven 2018 Stitch_A-Long

Welcome To By The Bay Needleart!! The above photo is "Harbor Haven" which is our 2018 Stitch-A-Long. Click The Image to find more Information on This Exciting Project...Truly an Heirloom !! Hope You Join Us..It's not to late ..we will be working on Scene #8 this month. Thank you for Stitching My Designs, Love all of You , HUGS Donna

Monday, June 06, 2011

My First Stitched Pieces

My mom found these that she saved for me. I thought I would share them with you. I believe they were Jiffy kits. I am not sure because it's been so long but I truly enjoyed these when I was between 8 and 10. I think that's how old I was! (Ugh if I had a better memory)  I just know that I enjoyed the 3 dimensional stitching and working with the wool. So more of my designing will have some wool applique in it and who knows what else. If you have any of your early stitching pieces please share them with me I would love to see them.
have a great day


  1. Wonderful to have mom was not a saver so I do not have anything from way back when...what a treasureyou have there.

  2. I think it's so fun that you shared these! I wish I had some of my first pieces. They were all gifts, and can you believe, I think most of them were thrown away. :( I bought a couple of Jiffy kits for $1 at an estate sale last year, and I just might stitch them some day just for fun.

  3. I thinks it's great that your Mom hung on to these! They're wonderful! I must look up my first start. It was a mini Christmas stocking for my son. The stitching is completed but I never ever did finish it.

  4. So thoughtful of your mom to save those pieces for you!


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