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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stich An Inch Mermaid is Finished

Hi everyone I guess the mailman could hear me yesterday because the pendants came today. The pendants measure 1 1/4 X 1 1/4 so I did stitch 3 extra rows all around her so she could fit in the square. I added a chain to the pendant along with some shells and a lobster claw so I could attach it to my scissors. (She's only 1 inch, so tiny) My idea is that you could make these into necklaces or ornaments also along with stitching them as one long scene. And Erica at Yankee Cross Stitch is going to make the long scene into a needlepoint belt. Cant wait to see it. I will show you soon how to finish them as 1 inch pieces without matting and pinning. It is so easy you will be thrilled.

Well this is my share for today and I just found out that Google has made a Google Checkout and they say it is ok to use with blogs and websites so I spent the whole day trying to figure it all out and I added a couple of pin cushions (on my side bar)  to see what happens. All new to me I was just getting use to Etsy.
Have a good night
donna :)


  1. I love the mermaid!

  2. And when are you going to release these?!?! I just love the little mermaid and will be watching for these to hit the shops. So many possibilities.

  3. Love your mermaid pendant. Are you going to sell the pendants at Etsy.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  4. The mermaid pendant is gorgeous! When will they be available?


  5. Fantastic! I just love this!

  6. I absolutely love these tiny designs!

  7. Very nicely turned out!

  8. annemiek5:08 AM

    I absolutely LOVE the inchies. Can't wait till they are ready to order. Keep them coming!

  9. It turned out beautifully! I can't wait to see the belt next!


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