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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stitch An Inch Work In Progress

I have a couple more photos to share. I used the other "Stinches" HAHA!! I like that name. (half stitch and half inch) Then  made some other inchies with shells, sea glass, and a button on top of wool. Painted a piece of wood, then crackled it, and glued the little squares on top. I will add a ribbon hanger for that shabby chic summer cottage feel. I also signed up to carry the Petera pendants that I will sell in the shop and on Etsy. I will put the mermaid in it or you could use the Christmas ones that I am designing and give as ornaments.  I will make a utube video showing you how to finish these (I am brave)!!
So I am just waiting for the mail so I can  finish the mermaid and show her to you. Oh HURRY MRor MISS   MAILMAN.

happy stitching


  1. I am really loving these pieces! great idea

  2. Fantastic! I just love these so much!

  3. These are just wonderful! I love the crackled wood idea, and I can't wait to have some in my hands to stitch!

  4. These are fantastic! I love the cottage feel that they have.


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