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Harbor Haven 2018 Stitch_A-Long

Welcome To By The Bay Needleart!! The above photo is "Harbor Haven" which is our 2018 Stitch-A-Long. Click The Image to find more Information on This Exciting Project...Truly an Heirloom !! Hope You Join Us..It's not to late ..we will be working on Scene #10 this month. Thank you for Stitching My Designs, Love all of You , HUGS Donna

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Day #9 Autumn Designs

another pattern with 12 more small cross stitch designs. 
again if you stitch over (1) on 28ct linen they will make
 a cute one inch ornament 
or if stitched over (2) on linen or 14ct Aida cloth 
they will make a nice 2 inch size 

Happy stitching and more tomorrow :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Day #8 Autumn Days

There are 9 Small designs you can make into one inch orni's 
by stitching them over (1) on 28ct linen or
 if stitched over (2) on 28ct linen or 14ct Aida 
they will make a nice 2 inch decoration

I have so many "Stitch An Inch" designs available...
Here is a link to a blog post I made with many of them...
Have a great Wednesday and keep stitching :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Day #7 Autumn Designs

I love pumpkins and made this one because 
I felt like doing different stitch patterns the wall paper in the back ground and
 the different patterns in the pumpkins.
Have a good night 

Monday, September 03, 2018

Day #6 Autumn Designs

I made these 2 trees a bit more sparse and added 
some beads for the leaves...
just a bit of sparkle. 
That good old pumpkin is sitting on top of that
 beautiful hill and with just the right breeze it might come tumbling down
...But I secured it with a fence...
Happy FALL to you all

A Needlesmith Share :)

Happy Hot Monday !!
I was delighted to see Barbara sent me a picture of the freebie
 that I gave the other day!, She stitched it on a dyed fabric is wonderful
If you are looking for the free pattern you can 
Hope you are having a safe and wonderful Labor Day

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Day #5 Autumn Designs

This is "Fall Leaf" simple does this look!
Stitch Count 50 X 50 Model is approx. 4 X 4
Model stitched on : 25ct “Black Linen, over 2 linen threads

I LOVE the simplicity of it !!

Floss Listing For Fall Leaf
DMC  Color Variations #4130 and 680

I used a DMC Variation thread and you could substitute any 
over-dyed thread of your creative and change it around
Until tomorrow...

Saturday, September 01, 2018

Day #4 Autumn Designs

Day #4 here..... This is "Halloween Cove" another of the "Cove" series.
I have added  everything I could think of to this one. Check it out.....I spy!!!!
to much ...HAHA

Friday, August 31, 2018

Day #3 Autumn Designs

This is Autumn Cove, I designed this in 2008, along with the other seasons
 including Halloween and Christmas. 
I kept the same scene but changed the elements to reflect
 the time of year or season. 
I LOVE trees and thought this very large one would make
 a wonderful focal point for the wonderful seasons
 we have been blessed with.
And of course we cant forget the relaxing cool water
 and the gentle breeze moving the sailboat along,
 Plus the colonial style homes sitting on-top of those hills...
What a view they must have :)
Until tomorrow 

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Day #2 Autumn Designs

This is my second share for the Autumn season!!
Autumn Hill designed in 2005, still one of my favorite's
I would love to live there, open my windows in the morning 
and see those huge trees with my sheep grazing in the front yard. 
I think I could even roll down that hill like I was a kid again :)
...and I would surely "Be Thankful"

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

13 Days of Autumn.....

Ok so technically Autumn starts in 3 days on September 1st
......but I cant wait..
So for the next 13 days I will share one of my designs
that is available in the Etsy shop for Autumn...
And hopefully by the end of these 13 days I will have my new one 
finished and ready to go ...It is a "Stitch An inch" for Fall...Little ornies
...these can be made into 1 inch designs if stitched 
on 28ct over (1) thread or if stitched on 14ct Aida or 28ct linen over two
 they would make 2 inch designs...
These can be made into ornaments, scissor fobs, 
bowl fillers, pin cushions or fit into a one inch Pendant
...etc...the ideas are endless...and quick to stitch..
The First Share starts today and it is 

Thank you for reading my blog 
and check back tomorrow for another Autumn Design

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Free Chart :)

Happy Day, It has been so hot here...
and the weather across the country has been crazy...
So I hope that this Free chart will help you think ahead to the 
cool days of Autumn on the way :)
I did give this design away long ago and 
I thought it is time to make a come back. 
So cool thoughts and Pumpkin treats
Have a relaxing time stitching
Click on these words to go to the PDF :)

Friday, July 20, 2018

Having a Special in the Etsy shop :) Giveaway!!

Happy Friday to ALL!!!

I have a "Special" in the Etsy shop while supplies last! 
With your shipped purchase I will send along a
FREE "Outline Christmas Pack #1"
...I know it is Christmas in July and I just came across these charts in my room
...kinda spring cleaning in summer haha!! If you LOVE pomegranates 
and a bit colonial this would make a nice quick stitch for gifts
...a small stocking with personalization and also a small hanging pocket
 for Holiday greens.
 I designed these so that you can outline the motif's in a color 
and then just fill them in at your desire no counting after the outlining...just stitch away :)

No automatic alt text available.
Hope you have a Great Weekend
donna  💖

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Sharing a Floss-Tube from Jan........

Happy 4th of July to everyone!!
I have a Floss-tube to share with is from Jan Hicks
The beginning of her video is all about favorite grab a cool drink!  it sure is HOT here and relax with Jan
...she also has started a Christmas in July special with giveaways
.....Be safe this weekend and enjoy your summer stitching

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Summer Breeze

I just added a picture of my "Lighthouse Sampler" to Instagram and I thought of the song 
"Summer Breeze" so I just needed to share this video :)

 HAVE A Beautiful day

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Mermaid.....seen swimming By The Bay

YES....she's been seen swimming By The Bay...I am so funny !!
She will be ready soon...she's making a trip to the printer's and then she'll be back home
The design will be ready hopefully by Wednesday!
Hope you are all having a Great Start To The Summer

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Needlesmith's Sharing Their Work !

Just a quick note that I am adding a LABEL to the Blog for everyone
 that has shared their Hand work with me...
I have gone back to 2007....
so check out some of your fellow stitchers work and if you
have some work to share yours I would love to pass it on...
I really Enjoy seeing all of your hand work...
The new LABEL is "Needlesmith's Sharing Their Hand Work"

And speaking of sharing we have some work from  Christine,
she is working on the Funky Flowers
 and has given us a link to her site with more pictures.
 Looking Wonderful!!.
Cant wait to see it finished

Sue Fassoles is submitting her work to the ANG's National Seminar.
Best of luck to Sue :) looks BEAUTIFUL!
Love the frame!

As I was looking through all of the blog post to find pictures that have
 been shared with me, it made me miss stitching...
I looked at all of the designs that I have stitched and wonder,
 how did I do it all?  HAHA!!
So it has been my inspiration to get going again...wish me luck :)
Have a great day
 ( I think we should have a Free Mystery SAL soon) it churning in my mind!!

Friday, June 08, 2018

Free Design for Encouragement and Thankfulness

Happy Friday to all of you.
I was watching YouTube on our TV last night and following the suggestions 
under cross stitching  and came across a picture of someone holding
 up a finished design of mine that I gave away long ago in 2010 as a freebie....
so I watched the video and saw that she was not sure who the designer was 
so I went to my computer later to send her a message that it was mine ....
I noticed a message in the Etsy shop and it was from Pam Schaffner 
who made the video...she was asking about the chart because someone told her 
they thought it was mine.....
So Cool!! that I saw it just by chance an hour earlier...
I think God is in this coincidence :)...
So I am posting the design because you never know
 who needs it at the moment!! God knows that someone does!...
Love you all

Click on the words "CLICK HERE" below the picture to be taken to the PDF
  so you can stitch it for yourself or someone that 
needs a little

Click HERE!!

I had the design printed on fabric long ago and then finished it a small floss tag :)

Monday, May 21, 2018

I smell the Lilacs :)

Happy Monday, 
I hope you are all well and busy stitching away and taking time to smell the flowers ...
I have finished designing a cross stitch piece that I hope you all love...
this is the one that will be a giveaway for all of the stitchers that signed up 
for the SAL "Harbor Haven" 
I have promised a free chart that is similar to "I Am A Needlesmith"
 Cant wait to share a peek but I have to get stitching first :)
And one more quick note that in the Etsy shop
 I have been giving away a "Postcard From The Past"
 with your shipped purchase and we are up to lighthouse #9 
and this is the final one...
These are only available as supplies last 
I am going to gather threads and fabric....have a Blessed Day
hugs donna 

Friday, May 04, 2018

Stitch An Inch Garden ....almost HERE!!!!

Happy Friday to all!!!
I am almost finished with the "Stitch An Inch Garden" flowers
There will be 24 flowers sold in packs of 4 each
There will be ......"Ruby N Rose", "Lemon N Lime",
"Lavender N Lilac", "Blue Bell N Sky", 
"Pink N Plum", and "Orange N Apricot"
I will also have the directions so you can finish them as I did with wool applique circles.
 These can be used as small ornaments ,
 I made them each separate and then added them to a piece of wool
 and made a large wool wall hanging with an applique border, 
I will also five you the pattern for the applique border 
if you would like to make your similar to mine. 
There will also be a counted cross stitch border available 
if you would like to stitch your garden as a whole. 
The border is similar to the applique border. 
And I will have a couple more borders just to spice them up a bit!!
Here are some of the photos I can share today :)

And dont forget that these "Stitch An Inch " designs have a 
stitch count of 28 x 28 and if stitched on 28ct linen 
over (1) are a perfect one inch design ...
they fit great into a pendnat
and on 14ct Aida they are a perfect 2 inch design...
a great size for scissor fobs too :)  
and those special sweet tiny frames that 
I have seen sold at Michaels craft store
Well I hope you like all of my photos and I will have more soon!!!
Have A Blessed Weekend
donna 💗

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Update for 4/26/2018

I cant believe its been this long since I made a post!! 
Working on a Stumpwork project and finishing up the 24 Stitch An Inch Flowers for a Garden.
Almost finished, its been taking me a bit longer since the bacterial meningitis,
 the operation,  now its a sinus infection.
Taking my meds, resting , and stitching in between :)
I can Do IT!!HAHA

I am working on the newsletter but I need pictures to share...not a newsletter without pictures.
I feel SPRING in the air...FINALLY!!

And I do have a couple of pictures :)
This is more of the 24 Stitch An Inch Garden flowers...I did stitch these over (2) 
so they are 2 inch in size...I am almost finished with the wool work

The picture below is my Mermaid that I have drawn to be worked in punch needle
 and I will enlarge her to be worked as a rug.

More news :) and saving the best for last
I am going to be a "Memere" again!!
My daughter is having a GIRL!!
So lets get out the PINK!!

Thank you for reading my Blog!! and I will post more as I finish up more projects!!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Thinking About Having A Stumpwork Class

Stumpwork has always been one of my FAVORITE needle arts. I just love all things old and admire the work of those very talented stitchers from the 16th and 17th Century.
 I did have a class long ago at Yankee Cross Stitch in North Hampton NH. It was wonderful we met every 2 weeks for a year and worked on this alphabet project that I designed .
 I am getting itchy fingers again and my mind is churning up something....But I need a bit of input from you!! If you would take a class for stumpwork what your prefer to make...a mirror that is framed in stumpwork, a stumpwork sampler to frame, or a miniature casket...
I have shared my Pinterest Board on the right sidebar to show you some beautiful EYE CANDY!! Check it out and I would love to hear what you have to share!!
Click Here for more Pictures
I also have on this blog a PAGE with some of my pictures of Stumpwork that I have done in the past...the photos of the Sampler will be at the end of the page feed...thank you so much for looking and I am excited to get working

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Me Helper :)

My daughter Meagan has been helping with putting charts together...check her out on Facebook here...Thank you Meagan ....💓

Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy Friday

I just wanted to keep in touch with you :)
I am having good days and blah days but I am optimistic :)
We need some sun and I need to hear some birds chirping...I did hear some the other day and I was like a kid...Oh how I love to hear them singing !!
I have a few pictures hubby took last week while he was out...Brrr..

He bought me a bell for the couch when I needed anything HAHA , Gotta LOVE him!!
I am working on some "Stitch An Inch" Spring Flowers...I had the idea last year but never finished it so maybe now is a good time to check them out !!
Here is a peek of them

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